Jeroen De Dauw

Jeroen De Dauw
Software Craftsman

Semantic MediaWiki

My involvement

I am the maintainer and release manager of Semantic MediaWiki. Since 2009, I have made many contributions to Semantic MediaWiki and extensions, have given multiple presentations and did custom development for various companies and organizations. I am on the steering committee of the Open Semantic Data Association, which is a non-profit supporting the SMW project. I also represent SMW and Wikidata on the PHP Framework Interoperability group.

I'm the founder and CEO of Professional Wiki, a wiki company with a (non-exclusive) focus on Semantic MediaWiki. We are MediaWiki professionals that strive to provide holistic, high quality and sustainable wiki services. These services include fully managed wiki hosting, software upgrades and custom development. Get in touch if you have any questions.


Note that the slides are generally not designed for after-talk usage. However, they are useful when watching the recording of a talk.

Yearly SMW overview 2016 - slide preview

Abstract  •  Slides  •  Video  •  SMWCon Fall 2016

Yearly SMW overview 2015 - slide preview

Abstract  •  Slides  •  Video  •  SMWCon Fall 2015

Yearly SMW overview 2014 - slide preview

Abstract  •  Slides  •  Video  •  SMWCon Fall 2014

Yearly SMW overview 2013 - slide preview

Abstract  •  Slides  •  SMWCon Fall 2013

Yearly SMW overview 2012 - slide preview

Abstract  •  Slides  •  Video  •  SMWCon Fall 2012

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You can contract me for development work, advise and training. Contact me at JeroenDeDauw[at]

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